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I was thinking, why do Pokemon only have three tiers of evolution (excluding Megas)? Also, why do Pokemon only have single- and dual-types? Why not tri- types?
Imagine a mythical/legendary with all three Starter types!


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No one really knows why this is except Game Freak. However, typings are just a classification, so while a Pokemon certainly could have more than two types, the in-game people that classify Pokemon just decided not to. This also explains why the Fairy-type came into existence, as it was simply a re-classification of Pokemon. But overall, only Game Freak knows.

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I don't think types are just classifications made up by in-game people, because damage really depends on types and changes between games if the Pokemon's type is different. Unless you say damage is just made up by in-game people. I can't argue against that.
but then, who made them up?
(i know its technically gamefreak, but who in-game)
probably the biologists. Real biologists make up stuff like this.