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In small Russian cities there are few people playing Pokemon so I made the team more fun.
But this team shows itself well in battles with other players.

Porygon 2/Gengar

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What's the rest of yuor team?
That there IS his team... although they have it from trading.
He edited the question and hour after my comment.
Is this for battling other people or in-game trainers?
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Honestly, they are both Grass-types, but in my opinion, its their second type that seperates them.

They both have the same ability (chlorophyll) and their stats can always be boosted with the permanent buffs you buy from the Celadon Dept. Store.
However, Exeggutor is a Grass and Psychic, while Victreebel is a Poison. This means they have different available moves.

Poison is helpful, if you can land your attacks. Poison your foe, and it doesn't matter how evasive they are. That damage will keep piling up, eventually fainting them.

Psychic has its pros too, however. Moves like confusion and hypnosis can confuse and put your opponent to sleep, respectively. These both have their place, as a sleeping Pokemon is completely helpless. A confused Pokemon will either hit you, or hit itself, making it useful as well.

Poison and Psychic will also have individual type match-ups.
When attacking, Poison is effective against Grass, but is weak against Poison, Ground, Rock, Steel, and Ghost.
For Psychic, it effects Fighting and Poison, but is weak against Steel, Psychic, and Dark.

So its all about your preference and who your opponent is. I'd say take your pick, and grind them up.

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Exeggutor can also learn toxic and poison opponents. Why would you use hypnosis when both Pokemon can learn the more accurate sleep powder?
And poison is physical.
The poison type is physical. The poison condition isn't physical.
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Well, it depends on what you're looking for.

Competitively, Exeggutor is UUBL, while Victreebel is UU in the Smogon meta for Gen 3.

They both have chlorophyll, making them both a viable choice for Sun Teams.


Victreebel is a mixed attacker with decent speed,
Exeggutor is a special attacker with decent bulk and decent (only -10 from Victreebel) attack but horrible speed.

Exeggutor outcompetes Victreebel if you're looking for a good competitive Pokemon.
However, Victreebel is faster and therefore makes the game faster.

Pick your poison, basically.

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I would recommend Exeggutor simply because it doesn't share a type and a psychic weakness with Gengar. Exeggutor also learns explosion, which can be helpful against specially defensive Pokemon like Snorlax, Blissey, or Suicune. However, both Victreebel and Exeggutor are outclassed by Celebi (better stats and calm mind), Sceptile (higher speed and pretty good leaf blade/earthquake combination), and Breloom (spore and focus punch, which does a lot of damage and also draws ovals :P), so use one of those if you can.

This has nothing to do with grass types, but please post a comment next time someone asks you a clarifying question like "what's the rest of your team?". This way, your comments will appear on their "My Updates", and they can more easily see that you answered the clarifying question.