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I had the Gigamax Meowth and the Galarian Meowth and they where moved to my bank. When I went back to check they were both gone. Do they just typically run away if you dont use them?

What do you mean by your bank? Do you mean your PC boxes?
Are you referring to the Daycare?  There are 2 of them.  One is in the Wild Area, the other is on Route 5.

If you want more standard Meowths, you will need to make the G-Meowth hold an Everstone.  Otherwise you will keep getting Galarian Meowths.

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They should not run away from your PC Box.

This is likely because:

A: You Traded it

B: You Put it in a Box that You Ignored To Check

C: You Put them In The Daycare

D: Someone else Released it or Traded it from Your Switch Without Your Knowledge

No Pokemon Normally Runs Away From the PC.

To add to this, they could be in a pokejob.