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I'm playing Pokemon emerald and I have just finished the main storyline and have beaten the elite four and champion. I went to Stevens house on mossdeep and picked up the beldum. I'm using exp share to get levels, but it's not learning any moves. Metang is now level 23 and only knows take down. Why is this happening?

when did your beldum evolve?
Take Down is the only move your Pokemon could have learned as a Beldum.
My beldum evolved at level 20 and is now level 32. It only knows the moves take down, scary face, and pursuit. According to the wiki on gen 3 metang, it should know Take down, scary face, pursuit, confusion, and metal claw (4 of those obviously). Anyone know why it didn't learn metal claw and confusion?

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Metang can learn confusion and metal claw if it evolves at exactly level 20 or if you take it to the move reminder in Fallarbor Town. Its next level up move is scary face at level 26, and there are lots of moves it can learn by TMs or tutors.