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How do I beat this thing? I'm honestly really annoyed at the game at this point that it's so difficult to defeat one Pokemon and it did not help that I chose the water type as my starter and that the other guy has increased speed or that ally Pokemon keeps using sunny day. My team currently is:

Brionne lvl 28 - Icy Wind, Water Gun, Aqua Jet, Disarming Voice
Alolan Grimer lvl 22 - Poison Fang, Poison Gas, Acid Spray, Bite
Magby lvl 21 - Ember, Flame Charge, Brick Break, Feint Attack
Noibat lvl 21- Wing Attack, Absorb, Agility, Bite
Makuhita lvl 23 - Tackle, Fake Out, Force Palm, Knock Off
Gastly lvl 24 - Confuse Ray, Night Shade, Sucker Punch, Mean look

I know most of my team sucks. Can someone please give a decent strategy to beat totem Lurantis?

Replace your Noibat with an Oricorio. Oricorio is good.
you could also try leveling your pokemon ridiculously, like 30s or 40s. worked for me altnough its very time-consuming.
Nevermind. I figured it out. I never realized I can actually use z moves already
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Try replacing your Brionne with a salandit for a limited period of time, then teach it some good poison and fire moves from your TMs, then level it up to 28, and now fight (the sunny day will also power up your fire moves to defeat the grass type).