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So I know that the last time I asked this it was closed, but I would like to point out that the question it was a duplicate of:

A) Is out of date, as it was posted in 2010 and the answers are accurate to gen 5
B) It is not hypothetical: I am asking for all possible combinations of types and abilities which would result in no weakness, such as Water/Ground with Sap Sipper, while the previous question only asked for existing Pokemon.

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This is not how we operate here, if you or anyone else want to compile that information and post it as an answer on the old, outdated question, you're allowed and encouraged to do so.
Terlor is right, outdated questions should be updated, not reasked.
Why do you think reason B is not a valid reason this question is different from the other one?
Like sumwun said, why?
Yea, I guess reason B differentiates this question from the other. Reopened

Also @steamcrusader, if your question has been closed, and you don't believe it should have been, do not reask the question. It'd be easier for all of us if you just tell a mod/editor why you don't think it should be closed. Also, I believe it was established a while ago that questions that ask for updated answers to questions that have already been asked will still be closed as duplicates. It's better to have all of the information a question asks for in one place, rather than have outdated answers on one question and up to date answers on another.

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The "typeless" type, achieved by having a pure Fire-type use Burn Up, obviously has no weaknesses.

You can use the dual type chart on this site to see all the dual typings and how they stack up. In particular, the left column has a list of the combos that only have one weakness. In the case of pure Electric or Poison/Dark, that weakness is Ground, which can be patched out with Levitate or an Air Balloon. Bug/Steel's sole weakness is Fire, which can be negated with Flash Fire or Primordial Sea, while Water/Ground's is Grass which can be negated with Sap Sipper. The weaknesses for pure Normal (Fighting), Normal/Ghost (Dark), and Dark/Ghost (Fairy) cannot be negated except by the one-time reprieve of type-reduction berries like the Colbur, which still allows them to hit for normal damage. There is no ability (or item, for that matter) that can negate two or more entire types of moves at once except Wonder Guard, which doesn't do anything about types you're already weak to, so only the 1-weakness types need to be considered.

Triple-type combos can also exist, but current move mechanics dictate that at least one of these types must be either Grass (Forest's Curse) or Ghost (Trick-or-Treat), as those are the only two moves in existence whose function is to add a type. Out of the one-weakness combinations you can form with those moves, the only ones where that weakness is on a nullifiable type are Poison/Dark + Trick-or-Treat (where the weakness is to Ground, just like regular Poison/Dark) or Steel/Fairy + Forest's Curse (weak to Fire, and thus beatable with Flash Fire).

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Not an exact fit to your question, but the Sturdy Shedinja setup would render weaknesses irrelevant. But it's extremely difficult to set up, and to give Shedinja the smallest possible setup time, it requires a Carbink with Sturdy and Skill Swap in Triple Battles. Since Carbink is on the Sword and Shield "Unobtainable list", however, we'll have to wait until the next game for that to be practical. If that game has Triple Battles.