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I just got a Jolly Chesnaghut in Ultra-sun with island-scan one ultra ball not a crtical catch just curious ultra-sun island-scan

tl;dr it's not terrible, but it's definitely not recommended either. there could be way worse things to be stuck with.
What do you want to do with this Chesnaught? Do you want to battle other people?
I suck at battling real people so i was just wondering like i said i don’t usually care since i vasicallg stick to in-game
Uh no ivsuck at that so i basically trade and do in-game like battle tree
Natures don't matter very much in the Battle Tree. What matters is using a good Pokemon like Kartana.
Granted, every little bit helps, but you could be stuck with way worse for a Chesnaught.

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Usually impish, adamant, or brave is better, but there is a set on the chestnaught moveset page that uses jolly. The first answer on the page.
This is a slightly different set, but same idea. This one also has an analysis of the set

Ok thanks ugh maybe one day i’ll get lucky andcatch something with full IVs just to say i have one is it just me or is it irknic that when a nature matches how you may oercevieve a pojemon it is always the wirst one? At least that’s my luck
It’s an okay nature, and if you’re using this ingame, it doesn’t matter too much. You could be stuck with something worse. There’s always the nursery too :). If you like the answer, maybe you could click the little green check on the top corner?