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I was doing some single battle in the Battle Maison on Pokemon Alpha Sapphire for some BP and something strange happened in a battle. I was using the Truant Durant strategy because it was usually pretty effective for me. However a little into the battle a Gastly was able to avoid my attack, even though it used no evasiveness/accuracy changing moves. And the move has 100 accuracy. Can someone explain how the Gastly was able to avoid the attack? This may sound like an odd question but I just want to know how so I can prevent it in the future.

Battle Video: 4HAW-WWWW-WW5V-5MKQ

tl;dr How did Gastly avoid my attack

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According to the list of Pokemon in the Battle Maison on Bulbapedia, this can happen.

Your miss was caused by the Gastly's held item, the Lax Incense. This item can cause accuracy drops. It's not much you can do in terms of preventative measures, but here's your cause. You could run Hone Claws, but given you already have Truant I don't know how useful that would be.

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