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I'm playing in the Ice Gym, and I realize I'm late for a Max Raid Battle with a friend. I try calling a Flying Taxi to Bridge Field Wild Area, but it thinks I'm there. In fact, the game thinks I'm everywhere! It's happened before, so I tried doing what fixed it last time, which was going into the Pokèmon menu to look at my party. That didn't help a bit! Flying Taxis worked in every other gym for me! In fact, when it last happened, I was in a Wild Area! Searched it up. As far as I know, I am the only person to ever experience this really stupid glitch. Please comment if I'm not the only human being to experience this. I can't even go somewhere nearby like Route 8 even! Desperately need help with this! So uh, what the heck is going on? If you can, please advise.

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It says, "You can't call a Flying Taxi to where you are now!" It thinks I'm everywhere at once.
you can't call flying taxis in buildings
Again, i am el stupido
But I used it from the Ghost gym. And last time it happened, I was gonna go to Motostoke from Bridge Field Wild Area.
No, I have not hacked. I don't even know HOW to hack games.

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The taxi can not be called when you are in a gym, you have to be outside. It’s like driving a car into your house instead of the parking lot.

Again, i have not hacked and i have used it from the ghost type gym.