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I seen a dynamax Caterpie in Sword and Shield but Caterpie can't usually dynamax.

You can only Dynamax in wild areas, Gyms and I think the battle tower. What place did you see the Caterpie and where did you go tho find out it can’t Dynamax?
did you mean gigantamax? all pokemon except eternatus can dynamax i bealive and gigantamax changes forms
Bro, do research before asking questions.

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All Pokemon can Dynamax. What you might be thinking of is Gigantamax, which is the same thing but with a new form and unique move. Other than Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus, all Pokemon can be dynamaxed/get supersized in raid battles, gyms battles, the Pokemon league, and the Battle Tower. Gigantamax Pokemon are special versions of Pokemon that can be gotten from gigantamax raids and from feeding certain Pokemon Max Soup.

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