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For any other Pokemon I would instantly say that defiant is the better ability, however, falinks gets two very respectable defensive stats with no retreat (An effective base 150 def and 90 spdef, if it works the way I think it does). battle armor could help it stay alive much better against Pokemon that make use of crits, even if only a little. you also wont be able to faint due to rnjesus deciding that he doesnt like you at that very moment. I still think defiant is better but battle armor has its place if you want to play it as a tankier set.

What do you want to do with this Falinks? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Tower, or in-game trainers?
no clue, dont have a switch. just throwing the question out there because i was curious to see what people thought
This is a QA site, not a "see what other people think" site.
dude, it could be helpful to someone down the line
Why don't you just look at the Falinks moveset question and see what ability they use there?
To be fair, sumwun, they don't give any reason as to why all the numerous two answers use Defiant. Both are good abilities.
This thread is fine. This isn't a 'What do you think?' question; it's a 'Justify which is better' question.

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Given that most every Falinks will use No Retreat if its user expects it to even be decent, I would run Defiant as a result. This is because I would be concerned that Falinks might be affected by Intimidate.

You can't switch once you use No Retreat, so you can't fix Attack drops by switching. Defiant will ensure your Attack will never go down and you will instead get a net +1 boost.

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as much as i may want the defensive abilities to be better, they always lose out to offensive ones
Well this and the fact that it's best and preferred STAB is Close Combat, so your defenses will always be lowering anyways, making Crit prevention kinda pointless.
fair, if defiant worked with self drops though... so many mons would be viable