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I don't plan to be doing PvP, just playing through campaign. However, after learning more about IVs and EVs, and since Let's Go allows you to more reliably get high IVs, I've tried being more conscious of it with my team. I was planning on using Kadabra/alakazam for my team Psychic type, a little bit because I wanted to try the mega evolution. However, after getting the 'judge' function, I checked my team and saw that my Kadabra had pretty average to bad IVs. He's got the 'Very Good' for HP and Sp. Def (not really the most important ones in a Kadabra), but everything else is just 'OK'. While the Mr. Mime has 'Very Good' Sp. attack and attack. 'Best' HP, and 'Good' for everything else... I don't wanna waste this lucky Mr. Mime catch. Is it worth switching my Kadabra out with this new Mr. Mime because of the IVs? I've read a bit online, seems most people's opinion is that Alakazam is better in general than Mr. Mime. However, does the IV difference make enough of a difference that Mr. Mime's usual stat disadvantage to Alakazam is irrelevant?

(On a side note, I saw that sadly the Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur I caught all have mostly 'OK' IVs as well. I planned on using all three on my team. Is this a big issue? Since they're 'special spawns' I didn't get a chance to look much for good IVs with these ones... I also noticed my Beedrill had only 'Good' IVs compared to a random Butterfree on my team with also very good IVs. Is it worth making a switch there as well? I originally picked Beedrill over Butterfree both for the mega evolution, and because I already had a Flying type.)

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Worry about levels. I'm pretty sure levels are more important than IVs. So what levels are your Pokemon?

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IV/ do make a difference, but if your just playing in game or light competitive battling, you should be able to get by with pretty much any IVs. At this point, your personal preference should be almost all that matters.