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When I look at this Charmander I traded for in the Bag/Box, there’s a blue looking hexagon thing on it. This also appears on my Dragonite. Why is this?


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My Dragonite is Shiny and Charmander has good stats.
it's an origin mark though idk if it's one from gen 6 or 7
(origin marks are a checker from what game the pokemon originated in)
Don’t think so. Only LGPE Pokémon can be moves to LGPE. It’s not the Kalos mark. It’s different.
http://prnt.sc/rfhd92 <— Looks like that. It only appears on traded Pokémon.

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The blue hexagon next to the Pokemon means that it has been favorited. If you want to get rid of the marking or add it to another Pokemon, just choose "Change Markings" and the option will pop up to favorite it.

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Lmao thanks. I feel dumber every day...