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Hi, so this morning I came across a shiny Ampherados (please excuse my spelling) as a tough enemy in a dungeon.

I just got the game three days ago, and grinded about 20 hours into it, and not once have I friended a tough Pokemon. I'm wondering if:

  1. Is it possible to befriend tough Pokemon in the dungeons, especially the shinies

  2. What are the odds of finding a shiny in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

and 3. How can I increase those odds of finding and befriending shinies?

It broke my heart to kill that shiny. It really did. Any input and advice is appreciated. Also, as a long time M.D player I would reccomend the game so far for people who are on the fence .


edit: a day later I have found a total of three shinies, so I'm going to assume the odds of of shinies in this game is significantly higher than normal games. it seems close to 1/32 to me. if anyone has any specific ratio, that would also be appreciated

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do u mean Ampharos?
You can recruit shinies, it's just way harder.
Of course. The only Pokemon you can't befriend are bosses
Hi, thanks but that doesn't answer all my questions within the post.
I know. I don't actually have deluxe, but it has always been true.in previous md games that you can catch any Pokemon you find except bosses

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When taken down by your leader, there is a slim chance they will join you. However, if your leader has a Friend Bow equipped, there's a much greater chance they will join your team.

So yes, shiny Pokemon can be added to your team.


Unfortunately, there's no way to increase your chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon, but there are some ways to make it more likely they'll join you once you do find a Shiny Pokemon.

The Rare Quality called Squad Up is a must for any recruitment efforts. If it's on your leader, it increases the chance that enemy Pokemon want to join your team after you defeat them. The bigger your team, the better the chance, so make sure to max out your team for a dungeon before venturing in.

Another way to increase the chance you'll recruit a Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon DX is by using an Inviting Orb.

The Friend Bow raises the chance Pokemon will join you by 10%, but it's not available until the post-game.


Hope I helped!

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thanks, but what are the odds of them appearing and joining you?
There's a bit more. I don't believe that answers the odds, but I can try to edit that in later.