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I have been doing a glitch that allows you to clone Pokémon, I have been cloning a shiny solgaleo but I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to get banned or not?

Well considering you are duplicating pokemon, which is the equivalent of modding them in, it's pribably illegal. But because the one your duping is legit, I doubt you'll be band as all are therefore legit
It depends who you're trading it with.
the big question here is how do you do it? I would like to know.
Yes, I’d say it’s not very legal. It’s probably fine if you want to take the risk, I just don’t know what the outcome would be. Oh yeah, and you are just using a glitch so it’s not hacking.
is this in SM, USUM, or SwSh?
I’m in Pokémon sheild
Thanks gamers I have been freaking out all week wondering if I was going to get banned or not, since then I have not been using the glitch because I relised that this is kind of like cheating so I’m not going to be doing it. So thanks for answering my question! Now I can rest easy knowing that I won’t get banned.

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History says you aren't going to be banned for cloning Pokemon. Cloning Pokemon has been commonplace for years and is rife within the competitive community. We can assume that the developers would prefer that you didn't abuse glitches, but they have only ever taken action against people who edited their save files – and apparently, that only happened to people who weren't very smart about their hacking. That's not to mention how difficult it is to prove that a normal-looking Pokemon is cloned or hacked in the first place.

Usually, the word 'illegal' is used in the context of competitions like VGC, which will penalise players for using 'illegally manipulated Pokemon', as described by the official rule book. However, it's unclear whether cloning Pokemon passes as illegal manipulation and, obviously, it says nothing about trading Pokemon. Some people will tell you that an illegal Pokemon is simply a Pokemon with traits that it can't normally access, which is different from a Pokemon that was obtained through illegitimate means (which is a more appropriate description for cloned Pokemon).

At the end of the day, the standing of cloned Pokemon depends on who you ask. Some people would be very upset that the Pokemon they received was cloned, and others would not care at all. If you're trying to be ethical, then I would advise against circulating illegitimate Pokemon in the Y-Comm, and I certainly wouldn't send cloned Pokemon in online trading forums with a legitimacy policy. But I don't think you have to worry about being banned.

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I've made my research, and it is not illegal to clone Pokémon except if the original is NOT legit. Hope this helped, ChickenMan!!!

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