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So I boxed my Cinderace maybe a couple months ago, and now it is gone! It is not in a Pokejob, not in Pokemon Home, and I would never trade away my starter. So where could it have gone?

It's probably in the pc
No it is not
Did you check the daycare? If there is one in sword/shield.
Yeah I did
How are we supposed to know? All we can really do is give you a list of places your Pokemon could be stored.
Umm... You could give me some places that I have never thought of.
or you could think of them.
There are actually 2 daycare in Sw/Sh.  One is in the Wild Area, between the viaducts as you reach the northern lobe.  The other is just outside Verdenturff, heading East.
Verdenturf is a generation 3 town
It is not in both daycares!

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So you have checked both Daycares, your PC boxes, Pokémon Home (make sure you are using the right switch account), all pokejobs, you didn't trade it on accident, and its not in your party? That's kind of hard to believe, since those are really the only places a Cinderace can be. Make sure you also didn't release it and you didn't notice. Anyway, hope this helped.

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