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Well, Onix with the Eviolite is faster, more bulky and with Sandstorm it have decent special defense.
Who's better?


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It depends on what you'd want to use each one for. I'm a major fan of Evolite Onix, seeing as it's great for stalling and setting up in a Sandstorm. It can us Stealth Rock, then Toxic, and Dragon Tail the opposition out of there for Stealth Rock abuse and Toxic spreading. Onix is a great UU/OU force at the beginning of a battle.

Steelix is a bit less versatile in defenses, seeing as Special-based attack will KO it. However, Steelix has a much more solid typing, more HP for more physical bulk, and better offensive stats. However, it lacks the stalling potential that the new and improved Onix has.

Really, it's a matter of whether you want this slot used for stalling and passive damage (Onix), or straight out physical tanking (Steelix). Take your pick, Bud!

Quick Question though, if a pokemon uses the holds the Eviolite, and they are level 100 and can still evolve, will this still work, because they obviously can't evolve at that level!
As long as the Pokemon isn't fully evolved, it should work since it is still in a pre-evolved state.