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I'm making a bug and dragon type team so far I have scizor, escavalier, haxorus and dragonite. I'm not sure what the last two should be but I'm not going for a specific gig or anything just a powerful non legendary team for in game and casual fights.

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Please do try to describe what you're doing with your teams and movesets in greater detail. What do you mean by a casual fight? What are the rules of those battles?
Casual fights one on one lvl50 6 mon teams
Are there any Pokemon, moves, or abilities that you're not allowed to use?
All moves are legal
Are all bug or dragon Pokemon legal? Are all abilities legal?

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Accelgor is a very speedy Pokémon with a good sp.atk. A modest nature would be good for him. His defenses are bad, so you could go with choice specs or a life orb if you think you can OHKO other things, or a focus sash to actually live a little bit. Salamence is very strong with a mega evolution. If you are mega evolving him, his ability aerilate makes his normal moves flying and gives them a boost and power, which is incredible. If you are mega evolving scizor, then try to get his hidden ability, moxie. It
boosts his attack upon fainting a Pokémon. Hope this helps!

Thank you but I tried accelgor and I wasn't a fan and salamence is pretty good but I find that too many people use it. I appreciate your advice though and worse comes to worse I'll just use them
I see what you mean. Hydreigon, Garchomp, and heracross are also good.