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Other than the choice band or specs and life orb, what are all the items that increase a Pokemon's damage output? Only put items that are not limited to a specific type of move such as the gem items from gen 5

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thats a long list...

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Thick Club: +100% to the physical attack stat, Cubone and Marowak only
Deep Sea Tooth: +100% to the special attack stat, Clamperl only
Light Ball: +100% to both attacking stats, Pikachu only
Muscle Band: +10% to the move power on physical attacks
Wise Glasses: +10% to the move power on special attacks
Expert Belt: +20% damage for any type that's super effective
Metronome: + variable amounts of damage if you keep using the same move for multiple turns in a row and it hits every time, up to a maximum of +100% for the 6th straight turn and beyond

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I might be wrong, but doesn't metronome reset after turn 6?
Good answer, but don’t forget life orb, choice specs, and choice band.
Life Orb, Band, and Specs were already mentioned in the initial post.  

Metronome does not reset if you keep using the move successfully, it holds steady at max power once you reach that point.