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I have been using that Abra thing on the gts to get shiny Pokemon. But whenever I go to the super training to check its EVs, it always says stuff like "attack is the best defense" or "strength is power" among other things. So what exactly are these text and how do I get rid of them?

When you hit the punching bag? Or does it just say it when you go in?
It says those stuff whenever I check the shiny pokemon. On the ones that I trained, it never shows. Whenever I check the shiny pokemon on the super training main screen, the punching bag also has a pokeball or something while on my trained pokemon it doesn't

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It's just flavor text that pops up. It doesn't seem to be related to anything, as it just appears to be motivation messages for your mon hitting the bag. I always ignored it.

These shouldn't mean anytning. They can't be turned off.

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