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I am building a team and don’t know which one to choose

My team:
Cinderace: Charcoal Attack, Speed Blaze
Pyro Ball
High Jump Kick
Court Change

Zacian:Rusted Sword Attack, Speed Intrepid Sword
Behemoth Blade
Play Rough
Swords Dance

Zamazenta:Rusted Shield Defense, Special Defense Dauntless Shield
Behemoth Bash
Phsycic Fangs
Close Combat

Eternatus: Black Sludge, Special Attack, Speed Pressure
Dynamax Canon
Sludge Wave

Corvighnight: Unnerve, Defense, Special Defense Leftovers
Body Press
Brave Bird

Galarian Darmanitan: Gorrila Tactics, Attack, Speed, Choice Scarf
Icicle Crash
Flare Blitz


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Sacred Sword.

Ice Fang does provide coverage against Ground types, but Sacred Sword hits both of your weaknesses neutrally, which, I would say, is better than hitting 1 of your weaknesses super effectively and one of you weaknesses for not very effective damage. Also, if you put Ice Fang on there, what happens when Zacian is your last Pokémon and the opponent sends out a Fire type? It will resist all of your moves and (eventually) take you down. So, that's one of the reasons you should use Sacred Sword.

Another reason is just raw power and secondary effects. Yes, this isn't a deciding factor, as some moves hove low base power yet have secondary effects that set them apart (remember Z-Splash, anyone?). Flinch or Freeze are both cool things, but how about your opponent uses Cotton Guard (I know, I'm just throwing moves out there) and your opponent somehow gets to +6 (you let them use it twice). Ice Fang isn't doing anything to it. But then you pull out your Sacred Sword that ignores stat changes. And even though a lot of Pokémon that have Cotton Guard are Fairy types, you can chip them down slowly. Plus, Sacred Sword in general is just a stronger move than poor Ice Fang (plus you are going to miss when you don't want to miss, 'cause that's when it happens most).

So, in conclusion, I believe that Sacred Sword is a better option than Ice Fang.

Hope this helped!!! :)

Thanks for helping me
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But why would you let them get up them? You can just OHKO with close combat, as the only pokemon who raise theitr defense to abuse body press are weak to fighting (except maybe corvikight
Yeah I only didn't mention Close Combat (which, in my opinion, is one of the best moves ever created) because the asker asked for Sacred Sword instead (I don't know why). If it was like a Close Combat vs Sacred Sword battle, I would do this but why Close Combat is better. Who knows? Maybe the askers Zacian hasn't learned Close Combat yet. But yeah, Close Combat is one of the best (probably the best) Fighting type move, and Zacian can learn it, so, note to the asker, USE CLOSE COMBAT.
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Zacian is better with Sacred Sword. Sacred Sword hits most of the steel types that would otherwise wall Zacian. I'd even consider using Close Combat over Sacred Sword for a stronger alternative.

Hope this helped!

Even though my team already has 2 other fighting type moves, including its partner, and only 1 that beats ground types
and you already have darmanitan as an ice type
Thanks for helping me
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Does Sacred Sword ignore negative stat changes

Eg: Zamazenta used close combat twice so it has negative stats, does sacred sword do more damage or not
Sacred sword will ignore opponents raised defense, as that is the only stat that affects sacred sword (not sure about evasion). However, close combat it better because it nukes everything more that sacred sword. Zacian basically just OHKO's everything, so more power means a higher chance of a kill.
It ignores evasion too :)
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I would do sacred sword because ice fang has a 95 accuracy with 65 base power. You could always sworddance it but sacred sword has 100 accuracy and 90 base power. My zacian does not have sacred sword or ice fang but sacred sword is best!