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I know something like this has already been asked, but it only has 1 answer and I wanted a bit more info on it; for example a counter-argument. I'm going to start off fresh with a new save file, but I'm really wondering: which one is better for in-game purposes. I'm going to pick Popplio (because I've already chosen Litten and Rowlet) if that helps (especially since Primarina is slow and Midday is fast). I can probably trade to get Midnight, but Dusk will be hard to get my hands on (unless I get lucky on the GTS or through a WT). I know I want these Pokémon (they will probably change though):
Alolan Ninetails
Some kind of HA eeveelution (help on this slot would be nice too)
Magmar/Electabuzz (Eviolite since I cant trade with anyone)
Lycanroc (whichever I choose as the best)

Note that this is Ultra Sun, and I would be glad if you have any suggestions for this team. Thanks!!! :)))


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To sum it up, it has better speed and has priority. They also have the same attack stat, so having higher speed is better. Dusk form is obviously serperior to both, but It's hard to obtain now.

For your eeveelution, You already have fairy, water and electric or fire. From this, I'd say leafeon, because it's HA is good, you can cover its fire and flying weaknesses, and it's attack, defense and speed are great.

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Thx for the eeveelution! Problem is, ill need my buddy Y to active Leafeons HA.
Abilities rarely come into play during a playthrough so it likely won't be necessary.
Yeah, true. Also, I'm pretty sure I left my Charizard in the daycare then deleted my save file. RIP.
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I prefer Midday because it is faster than Midnight. However, Midnight is bulkier and learns more Move Tutors. I would say that for your team I would recommend Midday because you have special bulk and physical bulk.

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I think I prefer the Dusk form. It has better bulk than midday, way better speed than dusk, and higher attack than both other forms. And dusk lycanroc can learn acceleroc, which is one of the reasons why midday form is much more preferred to than midnight, through a move relearner.

Like I said, Dusk really isn't an option due to how hard to obtain it is.
Cool...if you're not into PKhex-ing to get the mystery gift ...I guess there's no better choice than Lycanroc Midday
Cool! Thx!