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Title says it all. lowest possible level.

I don't really know alot about GO but from what i read online. The lowest level for Gengar is Level 20 (1420 – 1644 CP) or Level 25 from weather boost. Mewtwo is also Level 20 (2294 – 2387 CP ) or Level 25  from weather boost.
I caught a 25CP Haunter tho.

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The lowest level Gengar can be level 1 (By evolving a Gastly with 10 CP) in Pokemon Go, whereas after the latest Kanto Throwback challenge (May 2020), the lowest Mewtwo can be caught is at level 15 (via special research). Note that prior to this event, the lowest level was level 20 (via raids).

These are the levels in Pokemon Go, that start from 1 and go upto 40 in increments of 0.5

I'm not 100% sure how that translates to levels in LGPE upon transferring, though, sorry about that ://

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