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If it makes any difference, I'm currently playing Pokemon white

I registered an account purely so I could ask this as I have literally no idea what I am doing in terms of breeding

A lot of Pokemon from the national pokedex in Pokemon white cant be obtained in the wild, leaving breeding or poketransfer as the only options. And until I get another dsi+game, its not gonna happen. So I thought of breeding 2 different Pokemon of the same egg group, same type (grass type) and different gender.

Ive been trying to breed my female tropius and male sunflora and cant get it to work, and its because they have the same I'd number I think

So I'm looking for a way to change a Pokemons ID number or if their ID number (which for both of them at the moment is 19770) even effects breeding at all. Any answers would be much appreciated :D

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How would breeding your Tropius and Sunflora help you complete the National Dex? You'd simply get a Tropius egg, which wouldn't be helpful because you already have Tropius.
I get the impression you'd be less confused about breeding mechanics if you re-read the basics carefully. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_breeding

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It is impossible to change a Pokémon’s ID number by any legitimate means. The original trainers of both Pokémon does affect how often Pokémon produce eggs; Pokémon from two different trainers will produce eggs more often than Pokémon from the same trainer. If you can’t trade, you can still breed Pokémon, it just takes a little longer to get the eggs.