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So I'm going to reset my game after a kill my master ball and my Bottle Cap, but anyway, I have a HA Froakie (Protean) and a HA Popplio (Liquid Voice). I wanted to use them in the place of my starter (Torrent Popplio). I wanted to know which one is better overall in-game in Ultra Sun. Please help! :)

Edit: Movesets for both and counter arguments are much appreciated :)

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Froakie and Frogadier don't get many good level up moves and require a lot of TM use to be good until it evolves into Greninja, which is really good due to both of its super strong water and dark type STAB access.

Popplio is probably even worse with Liquid Voice, because it's only other coverage move in the form of Disarming Voice is turned into a water type move and has to wait until it reaches level 15 for Icy Wind and level 44 for Moonblast. But by then you will probably have a ton of TMs to use on Primarina, which fortunately has a good moveset.

It doesn't really matter which you choose since they're both going to blast things away with STAB Water moves, but I'd choose Froakie, since Protean is the superior ability as well as an ability to beat both Incineroar and Decidueye with its STAB moves. Be careful with how frail Greninja is, though.

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STAB Hyper Voice?
if you are willing to wait until level 38, then sure
Heh. Maybe

Also, I like TMs LOL
fortunately both starters love using TMs
All starters love TMs for some reason. They don't like level up moves
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I would say froakie
Protean can change his type so he gets STAB from everything. He and his evolutions have good speed, so he can go first. If you can predict what move they are going to use, you can change to a better matchup. This is good against the electric and grass trials as they are normally super effective against him (and popplio).Popplio doesn’t get STAB from every move and can’t change his type. Froakie’s moveset is not that great but is better when he evolves. Greninja can know good moves such as ice beam, surf, dark pulse, and extrasensory. A life orb would be good on him. Primarina can know some good moves such as hyper voice (turns into a water move with ability), moonblast, light screen, and reflect.

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Hah im never gonna use Hydro Pump in my life
I shall edit that out
Yes you shall LOL

Edit: Never gonna use Light Screen or Reflect LOL. U don't hafta change it
Water Pledge?
Now I notice that. Surf and Scald are way better.
Scald's great. I like it. :)
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I would have to say Protean Froakie because, say you have a Greninja with Protean. If you are fighting a dangerous electric type or fighting type, you can use a move of a type that doesn't have a weakness to fighting or electric and then their electric or fighting type moves are effective or not very effective (depending on the type you chose.) That could be really good for you. So I'm gonna have to say that the Protean Froakie is the best replacement.