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I am getting really annoyed at his stupid Charizard that sweeps my teams at the Battle Tower. I would appreciate any suggestions of Pokémon that are available in Shield. I don't have the ability to transfer or trade currently. Thanks in advance!

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what format?
Battle Tower Single Battles
Golem is also a good choice :)
You want to explain why it's good?
Golem isn't even in SwSh.
Coallossal as it gets a boost from Steam Engine and has rock type moves at the same time. Tyranitar is another good option

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Some good rock types that almost completely counter Charizard:

Tyranitar: With a Sp. Def boost due to sand and extra dynamax bulk, Tyranitar can take any attack Charizard throws at it. You can also throw on Weakness Policy on Tyranitar so that Max Rockfall can ensure a KO.

Drednaw (DMax): If you have a Swift Swim Drednaw and set up the rain before Charizard comes out with Max Geyser/Rain Dance, then a Max Geyser can completely wash away Charizard.

Coalossal (DMax or Gmax work): While it probably won't be activating Steam Engine, the only move Coalossal is really threatened by is Max Quake. Weakness Policy is more recommended on this one too because it isn't very strong, even when maxed.

Hope this helped!

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Thanks!  I think I will do Tyranitar.