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Seems Type:Null Is a Pokemon which still can evolve...so how come it is not in LC?


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Be careful with your definition of LC. Lombre is also a Pokemon that can still evolve, but you can't use Lombre in LC, either. To be an eligible member of LC, each Pokemon must also:

  • be the first stage in its evolution family, which Type: Null is, and
  • be obtainable at level 5 in the game, which Type: Null is not.

You cannot get a level 5 Type: Null though normal gameplay, so it isn't legal according to LC rules. (This is because neither Type: Null nor Silvally can breed and Type: Null has never been distributed at a level <40.)

Also, Type: Null would be banned from Smogon LC if it were ever eligible for the format.

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