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Here's the details:
According to judge function:
HP: Best
Sp.Atk: Best
Sp.Def: Best
Attack: Decent
Speed: Decent
Defense: Pretty Good
HP: 230
Atk: 258
Def: 179
Sp.Atk: 124
Sp.Def: 187
Speed: 205
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Mischievous
I've already maxed out his atk by using 26 Proteins.
Should I keep it as is or soft reset for better nature and IV (I'm going to be using it as a physical attacker anyway)?

Why don't you hyper train it?
My apologies. I totally forgot about that feature. Thanks for the response
max out special attack evs and run special zamazenta
@Ranmaleopard Do you want to answer your own question now? Or do you still want to know whether your IVs are good without hyper training?
Yes I would like to know whether the IVs are good w/o hyper training.
I appreciate your help!

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To put it bluntly, no, those are not good IVs. With a Pokemon like Zamazenta, it is necessary that you have max attack and speed, as a minimum. Your Zamazenta has only decent speed and attack. The only saving grace with this is its nature, adamant. As for making Zamazenta a special attacker, just don't. It's attack stat and movepool are far superior. I would recommend that you soft reset to try to get max attack, speed, and something other than special attack. Natures don't matter, as you can change them with mints.

I was being sarcastic
I'm just making sure no one tries doing a special attacking Zamazenta.