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So I want a ohko move + a accuracy increasing move so I can create a mighty monster,Is there any Pokemon that has coil(or any accuracy boosting move)+ohko move like Sheer cold or fissure?

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This strategy doesn't work because OHKO moves ignore accuracy and evasion. The only way to guarantee that an OHKO move will hit is by skipping the accuracy check entirely, e.g. with Lock-On.
Can accuracy increasing items increase it tho?
No. Those still involve an accuracy check, so they will be ignored as well.

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This wouldn't work, as OHKO moves are not affected by accuracy modifiers. However, Regice and Smeargle has lock on and sheer cold, with Arcticuno having mind reader and sheer cold. Lock on and Mind Reader can guarentee an OHKO move always hitting.

EDIT: using an OHKO move on something with no guard will also guarantee a hit.

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Regice doesn't have sheer cold, :/
pretty sure it used to
Nope, it didn't.
huh. I stand corrected