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My friend have a Boltund:

Boltund @Life Orb
Ability: ???
+Speed, -??? Nature
Wild Charge
Play Rought

It in the previous fight OHKO all my Pokemon with one of these attack (except Inteleon with Wacan Berry). I have a two ideas how to beat it:
Nr. 1 - Rapidash with High Horsepower, 252 Attack
Nr. 2 - Choice Band 252 Attack Excadrill with Earthquake, she will use Dig and excadrill will inflict double damage

If you know another way to beat it, please, write it

Firstly, don't use wacan berry inteleon. Give inteleon specs or life orb to increase its damage output. Secondly, Seismitoad has pretty good bulk, a great typing and isn't weak to any of boltunds attacks.

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If I were you, I would actually use Steelix. Steelix has 200 base defense, so it can tank any of the moves you listed. The only move it doesn't is Dig, but they should be afraid to use it because of Earthquake. The only physical moves that super effective that Boltund can learn are Flame Charge and Fire Fang. I calculated that it would be a 3 hit KO if Boltund had 252 Attack and Strong Jaw. Then, Earthquake will be a one hit KO unless it has a Focus Sash. My recommendation for its set:
Steelix @ Leftovers
Sturdy/ Rock Head (Your choice)
252 Attack 252 Hp 4 Defense
-Gyro Ball
-Ice Fang
-Thunder Fang/Stealth Rock (More coverage/Hazards). Again, your choice. Hope I helped!
One note: There are many pokémon that you can use like Excadrill or Seismitoad as SPT said. This is just an option.

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Ferrothorn is another good choice.  Between Iron Barbs and naturally high Defense, the standard Leech Seed set should fair well against Boltund.  The only worry is, again, Fire Fang.