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My sister accidentally traded a Pokemon with the item, and she needs another one. Is there another one in-game, if so where to get it?


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Unfortunately, there is only one soothe bell that appears to be available in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Every source I checked said it can only be found in Hammerlocke. If that was where your sister got it from, then I'm sorry to say that you cannot get it with the same game file. Technically, the soothe bell can be obtained in a different save file and then traded to a friend and back to you, but it isn't available again in-game. However, because of this unfortunate occurrence, here are some ways to boost friendship/happiness in these games:

  • Use Pokemon Camp and play with and feed your Pokemon (with curry).

  • Fight with your Pokemon and level them up.

  • Feed them EV-reducing berries

  • Pomeg
  • Kelpsey
  • Qualot
  • Hondew
  • Grepa
  • Tamato

  • Capture your Pokemon in a friendship/happiness-increasing PokeBall, like a Luxury Ball

I hope I helped, and again, sorry for another one being unobtainable.

Main Sources:
This 1
This 2
This 3
This 4

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wait do you mean happiness or friendship?
Yeah cuz Pokémon camp increases Friendship, not happiness
dang. are there any ways to increase happiness? i got thwm mixed up i guess.
Happiness can be increased via Pokémon Camp. That’s it as far as Gen 8 goes.
A few sources say that they are the same (like this one: https://www.ign.com/wikis/pokemon-sword-shield/How_to_Raise_Pokemon_Friendship_(Happiness)_and_How_it%27s_Changed), but I'm not an expert on the topic
I will say I feel like this is one topic in Pokemon that is never completely addressed and understood lol.
pretty sure they're different, dont you need happiness for espeon/umbreon and friendship for sylveon?
Yes. Friendship can also be used in battle, as a Pokémon may dodge an attack or survive a hit that may knock it out (it also inscreases the crit hit ratio.). It also makes Eevee evolve into Sylveon if Eevee also know a fairy type move. Happiness, on the other hand, is used just to evolve Pokémon like, yes, Eevee into Espeon/Umbreon.
ya mean... happiness on the other hand

Lord. The confusion is real.
pretty sure love balls don't increase friendship
Yeah love balls don't to anything involving friendship/happiness, thanks for catching the error.  Also, thanks for the BA Flareon/Flaweon!
No problem. and it's Flaweon.
Having high happiness increases the rate of friendship. I maxed the happiness of my Budew after I caught it, and it evolved very soon after. At the same time, I had another Budew, but didn’t increase its happiness at all, and it evolved 2 days later.