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I am trying to build a bulky Corviknight
Moves: Protect, Body Press, Brave Bird
EV’s : 252: Defense, Special Defense, 4 HP
Nature: + Special Defense - Special Attack

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I would also recommend Bulk Up to increase the power of Body Press
In almost every situation, it's better to max HP than to split between each defensive stat. 252 HP EVs are indeed slightly less effective than 252 Def EVs at blocking physical attacks (or 252 SpD EVs for special attacks), but HP EVs affect *both* stats, which makes them almost universal on defensive Pokemon.
Actually, I would say 252 Def, 252 HP, 4 SpDef. 252 defense is for Body Press.

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Iron head.
Steel wing has 70 damage and 90 accuracy. The chance to raise defense can help, but 10% chance is unlikely.
Iron head has 80 damage and 100 accuracy. It’s more reliable, stronger, and has a 30% chance to flinch.

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Flinch is useless, I’m too slow
I’d say it’s still better than Steel Wing. I still recommend Bulk Up too
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Based on what you're looking for.
Steel Wing
Increasing Defense with a small chance of raising defense, but only by one stage. Corviknight have Bulk, so you don't need to worry so much.
Iron Head
A damaging move of only 80 and also only has 15 PP. But, Iron Head also makes the target flinch with a 30 percent chance.
So, I would say that if you run out of PP, and all of the other moves are non damaging, you should have picked Steel Wing, if the target attacked Corviknight (which was your last Pokemon), you would lose the battle, you could have both.
Other things about Corviknight's moveset
Brave Bird reduces Corviknight's bulk due to the recoil damage, Protect might not be needed in some situations so you could change it to Iron Defense, but Protect is fine. Body Press can deal massive damage with high defense, not Special defense. Don't worry, I know you are trying to keep it's defenses equal.