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I just restarted Pokemon Sword with the DLC Isle of Armor pass, but when I got to the Wild Area, all I could find in the Dynamax Dens is Gigantimax Alcremie! It's been doing this for several days now! Is the way to fix this without having to restart the game? Because I don't want to lose the Pikachu and Eevee Uniforms I downloaded!

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I have this but with Gigantamax Snorlax instead. I think it’s an event to celebrate the launch of the DLC.
Try date spamming the raid dens. To do this: go to the den and Invite Others. While the timer is ticking, press the Home button, go to System Settings, scroll all the way to System, then Date/Time, (if Clock is synced, unsync it) move the day up by 1. Finally, press the home button, go to your SwSh game, and Quit out of den. You will gain 2000 Watts by the end of it and a different Pokémon will be in the den.
Thanks guys, but I've already deleted my save file and am taking an overdue break from Pokemon.

Honestly, I'd be more upset about the uniforms if I hadn't learned you couldn't wear them in the stadiums. Still would've been nice to have kept them.
Have you considered reinstalling the game (through archiving)? Or checking for corrupt files in Data Management? Though, I guess it doesn't really matter anymore.

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Bad luck. You should be able to get about 20 different Gigantamax forms, each with the same chance to appear. Do the date change exploit and you should have different gmax Pokemon in the raids