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I am building a triple and double battle team, and I need a good Hazard Pokemon. By that, I mean a Pokemon who can use Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock, Sticky Web, or/and Spikes. Does even a Pokemon exist who can learn most of those?

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Mew can learn every hazard setting move except Sticky Web.

Shuckle can learn Sticky Web and Stealth Rock.

Coalossal, Crustle, Ferrothorn, both Sandslash forms, and Skarmory all learn Stealth Rock + Spikes.

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Source: using these commands in a showdown chat room; /ds stealth rock, toxic spikes, spikes, /ds sticky web, stealth rock, /ds stealth rock, spikes

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Shuckle can learn both Stealth Rock and Sticky Web, but not the other two.

Source: Shuckle's learnset

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