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As you probably know, G-Max Copperajah has a Gigantamax move called G-Max Steelsurge. This sets up the "Sharp Steel" entry hazard.

What exactly is this hazard? Is it just Spikes, or is it like Stealth Rock? If it is basically a Steel type version of Stealth Rock, does it factor in Steel weakness as well?

It's just steel type stealth rock. Same thing, just steel version. Same effects like taking weaknesses into account
Ah okay. You should answer

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It's just a steel type stealth rock as I said. I wasn't the most sure so here's a source

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it is basically steel type stealth rock, but it hits flying types too

Why would it not hit flying types?
Well, i dunno, maybe it's because it is sharp STEEL, and rocks and spikes on the floor don't hurt flying pokemon because they are above the ground, but sharp pieces of steel should hurt flying pokemon.
But stealth rock hits flying types
But stealth rock hits flying types so im not sure what your getting at