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I am going to take the easy way out here.
Smeargle @ Focus Sash
enter image description here
Trait: Own Tempo
Nature: Jolly
EV's: 252 HP/252 Spd/4 Def
- Spore
- Sticky Web
- Stealth Rocks
- Spikes/Magic Coat/Foul Play... etc.

Well, I don't think this set needs much explanation. It is a classic Smeargle suicide lead. Spore is to put something to sleep. Sticky Web and Stealth Rocks are (in my opinion) the best hazards, but replace one of them for Spikes if you want. The last move set is really your choice. Spikes is another entry hazard (obviously), Magic Coat is useful if you predict Taunt or status moves (Thunder Wave, etc.). Foul Play is an alternative way around being Taunted that doesn't need prediction to work. If you have another move you really like, then use it instead.

I like Spikes, Rocks, T Spikes, and spore. T Spikes is interchangeable with sticky web.