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Gmax Copperajah's signature move Gmax Steelsurge creates a new entry hazard called Sharp Steel which in essence is a steel type Stealth Rocks. Stealth Rocks is run in many different strategies and is a large threat. Copperajah can learn Stealth Rocks via TR so it can setup Stealth Rocks and Sharp Steel to cut down around 25% of the opponent's health since few Pokemon resist both steel and rock. This would be a huge disadvantage to the opponent as Copperajah hits like a tank so they probably lose a Pokemon to it and be forced to lose 25% of their health to the entry hazards.

You can already create a Hazard Switcher team, by adding Spikes and Toxic Spikes.  Run a lineup of tanky Pokemon, spend the time setting up your hazards, then use a combination of Whirlwind and Dragon Tail to force switches.

The problem is that you quickly become restricted by the combination of needing tanky Pokemon for it to work, who ALSO have the combination of moves required (not an expansive list...) and all of your work can be erased by things like Defog and Rapid Spin.  Taunt would also be a problem, and it's a rather common anti-utility/anti-setup move as it is.
Why use Hazard Switcher team when you can create a large threat with just one status move and a powerful Gmax move. An opponent probably wouldn't use Taunt on the first turn as it could be useless if you start attacking and Gmax Steelsurge isn't a status move so Taunt has no effect.  "All this work" is 2 turns while setting spikes and toxic spikes is 5 turns so you need multiple pokemon for spikes and toxic spikes while you only need 1 or pokemon to set up Stealth Rock and Sharp Steel. The three large problems are Rapid Spin, Defog and Cinderace. Cinderace because it has Court Change turning your entry hazards on you, super effective fire moves and it's own Gmax.
What do you want to do with this Copperajah? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Tower, in-game trainers, or something else?
Copperajah isn't good in Ubers so the Battle Tower and gimmick teams
In that case, I'd say the sharp steel isn't useful. Doubles and 3v3 singles involve a lot less switching than 6v6 singles, so entry hazards like sharp steel will do less damage in those formats. Copperajah itself might be good for reasons other than sharp steel.
hazards kinda got nerfed in gen 8 because of the new item called the Heavy Duty Boots

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Depends on what you want to use it for. Overall, though, I would say no. Hazards aren't that good this generation, mainly because of the introduction of Heavy-Duty Boots. While it's a fun idea, from a competitive standpoint even just GMAX Copperjah isn't that good. Also, Copperjah is extremely slow, with 30 base speed. This strategy only works as long as you can set up rocks as Copperjah and are willing to waste your Dynamax setting up Sharp Steel, and your opponent not KOing you in 3 turns. Plus, it's easily shut down by Heavy-Duty Boots and Rapid Spin/Defog. In a 3v3 I would say it's probably not that good, in a 6v6 you might be able to make it work. But like I said, a lot of it depends on the format.

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