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Well, I’ve decided on doing a nuzlocke on Shield since I’ve completed the game regularly a couple of times. But I’m really scared of Aurora Veil being set up by G-Max Resonance. Well, I’m afraid that behind Aurora Veil Lapras will take care of a few of my Pokémon. I know I can get Drakloak and Lampent in Max Raid Battles in the Lake of Outrage, but that comes before the Ice gym.

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A few Pokémon fit the criteria of having the ability Infiltrator as one of its primary abilities, and being obtainable before the 6th Gym Leader. These include:

Espurr: Espurr has a chance of having this ability, along with Keen Eye.

Espurr can be found on Route 5, Hammerlocke Hills when it is not a Snowstorm or Sandstorm, and Motostoke Riverbank in Heavy Fog

Cottenee: Cottenne has a chance of having this ability, alone with Prankster.

Cottenee can be found in Stony Wilderness when it’s Overcast. The one you get via trade in Hulbury has Prankster.

Noibat: Noibat has a chance of having this ability, along with Frisk.

Noibat can be found at Bridge Field, in the air of Watchtower Ruins, and in Galar Mine #2.

In the end, I’d go with Espur when dealing with the Ice Gym, as it isn’t weak to it. In addition, it is strong against the Fighting Gym. However, Cottenee is likely best for the 7th Gym, due to Espurr’s weakness to Dark, and Cottenee strength against it.

I hope I helped! Also, sorry if someone already answered this, I spent a while on this, because I did it on my phone instead of a computer.

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You can get Noibat in the galar mine no.2, Bridge field, and the watchtower ruins. You can also find cottonee in the stony wilderness. However, Both are weak to ice, and noivern is 4x weak to it. Nincada is at raid dens 4 and 16 while ninjask is at dens 4 and 149. Inkay is at dens 35, 50, 68, 69, and 122. Malamar is at dens 35, 50, 65, 68, 121, and 122. Espurr is at the Motostoke riverbank, Hammerlocke hills, and route 5. Malamar is the best as he and meowstic are the only ones not weak to ice, and he is stronger than meowstic.

Source: https://www.serebii.net/

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