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I'm going to do White as a Nuzlocke, now that I really know how one works and have a bit of experience. I'm picking Oshawott, and I just now realized there's Elesa, who's is a big problem. I'm gonna hope to get a Roggenrola and a Sandile to make up for it, but can you get to where they are before her? (Wellspring Cave and Route 4/Desert Resort) Also, is this a good strategy, or should I try something else?

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Route 4 is before Elesa, you can access it when you get to Castelia city.

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Yes. Wellspring Cave is on Route 3, well before Elesa. Route 4 can be accessed once you get to Castelia City, and as the Desert Resort is accessed through Route 4, it too can be reached before Elesa. It's a good strategy, particularly the Sandile. You don't really need the Roggenrola for Elesa.

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Okay, I just wanted it to cover the Emolga's, as they're immune to Ground
True -- I mistakenly thought that Sandile could learn Rock Tomb in time for Elesa. Good luck!
You might want to use an Excadrill instead of Sandile. Excadrill evolves faster and learns swords dance at a relatively low level.
That's true, I'll use it right when it's available(after Clay, which is after Elesa.)
You can get Drilbur in Wellspring Cave, which I think is earlier than Elesa.
Oh, I thought it was only Chargestone, and some others, HOWEVER, Wellspring's the only place you can get a Roggenrola, and Drilbur's in other places, plus, in Wellspring, it can only be found in the shaking and bubbling spots, which I am not even 100% sure what those are.