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I would really like to include Darmanitan in my party, but i don't know who to replace him with...

My party:
Zoroark lv66,
nature: Adamant,
Knows Foul play,
Night daze,
Sucker punch,
Focus blast

Volcarona lv66,
nature: Sassy,
Fire blast,
Heat wave,

Escavalier lv66,
nature: Sassy,
Aerial ace,
Focus blast,
Energy ball

Bisharp lv66,
nature: Impish,
Night slash,
Stone edge,
Iron head,
Focus blast

Elektross lv68,
nature: Impish,
Grass knot,
Wild charge,
Brick break

Hydreigon lv67,
nature: Hardy,
Hyper voice,
Dragon rush,
Draco meteor,

Should i have a Darmanitan in my party? if so, which one should be replaced?? Any help would be appreciated

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i would say escaliver because you have valcrono and /or bisharp because you have zorork

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I'll try that thanks
Dude, learn the pokemon names. Volcarona not valcrono. Zoroark not zorork. And Giratina not giriina.:) And please dont be offended.