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Hey, I am doing a playthrough of Pokemon sword, and my Mamoswine needs TR blizzard bc it dosen't learn it till' level 58, and my Galvantula needs the TR thunder because it can't learn it by level up. Okay, I know you can get most TRs from raid dens and watt traders, but I need instructions on what watt traders or what dens and stuff like that. If anyone has an answer on where to find either or both of these TRs, I would be grateful to get one!

To add to both the answers below, you can use the raid den time skipping exploit to instantly cycle the Watt traders' stock as well as re-roll the Pokemon inside your raid den. To do this, follow the steps:
1. Go to your system settings and turn off internet-based time updates. Also, go to your Y-Comm in Sw/Sh and turn off the internet for the best experience.
2. Put a Wishing Piece into the den of your choice and accept all the prompts.
3. Enter the den by clicking 'Invite others', but do not start the battle.
4. Go to your system settings again and cycle the date forward by two days.
5. Return to your game and back out of the raid battle. The game now believes the time has gone forward at least 24 hours, and has reset Watt trader stock and the Pokemon inside your den. You will also get another 2,000 Watts for interacting with the den again.
6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 until you get the correct raid for your TR or the Watt traders have the TR you want. It will be much faster to reset a raid den than to check the Watt traders.
So you *can* cycle TRs the same way as Raid Dens. I wasn't sure. Thanks Fizz!

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There are three main methods of obtaining TRs. The first, as you mentioned, is via completing raid battles. There are a set list of Pokemon which can give out the TRs for Thunder or Blizzard, which can be found here and here, respectively, if you're interested; however, the general rule for TRs is that Pokemon tend to give out TRs that match their own type, so your best bet is to challenge any Electric or Ice type raids you come across.

The second method, again, as you mentioned, is through traders in the Wild Area. The traders actually have a set formula that the game used to determine which traders will carry which TRs on which days; I won't go into the full formula here, but essentially, it depends on the first TR that a trader in any given location is offering. To determine when and where a trader will be offering the TR you're looking for, you can follow this link and plug in all the necessary information to get your answer.

Finally, if you've purchased the DLC and are willing to venture over to the Isle of Armor, you can try your hand at the Cram-o-Matic. This also follows a similarly convoluted formula, by assigning every item a Pokemon type and point value; again, I won't drive into it here, but to calculate what you'd need to input to get the TRs you would like, you can head over to this link here: just put in your desired output, and then fill out the potential input fields to see what you'd need to input in order to match your desired output.

Sources are already linked in the answer

Hope this helped!

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The TRs Watt Traders drop aren't random, but have a really weird drop schedule, per Bulbapedia. They change every day.

They are in the following locations:

Meetup Spot
East Lake Axewell
Dappled Grove
Giant's Seat
Bridge Field
Hammerlocke Hills
Giant's Cap

Here is their explanation. Let me know if it's too technical for you to understand and I'll attempt an original response.

The first TR any Watt Trader offers always is between TR00 and TR49 (inclusive), and increases each day (where TR49 becomes TR00), if the game was saved the day before. Within that domain, each Watt Trader's first TR is seven more than the last one's, in the order shown above; e.g., if the Watt Trader at Meetup Spot offers TR00, the one at East Lake Axewell offers TR07, etc.

Any Watt Trader's stock solely depends on the first TR he offers, in the following way:

The second TR is 24 more than the first
The third TR is 42 more than the first
The fourth TR is 67 more than the first (or, if that would result in 100 or more, 100 less than that)
The fifth TR is 96 more than the first (or, if that would result in 100 or more, 100 less than that)
The offered type of Poké Ball generally is the first TR's number modulo 9, in the order Net Ball, Dive Ball, Nest Ball, Repeat Ball, Timer Ball, Luxury Ball, Dusk Ball, Heal Ball, Quick Ball (starting from 0); however, Repeat Ball is offered if the first TR is TR47, Quick Ball if it is TR48, and Heal Ball if it is TR49.

In conclusion:

If you can't find a trader who's selling these TRs, you'll either have to wait or cycle your Switch's game clock as many days as needed to get the TRs you want. Alternatively you could try fighting various Ice- and Electric-type raid dens.

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By the way. Don't teach your Mamoswine Blizzard. It's going to be so incredibly weak. Base power is not everything. Thunder, on the other hand, is sometimes viable on Galvantula, especially if it has Compound Eyes, but if it has Unnerve instead, it's still not bad for ingame although it wouldn't be my choice.