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Entry abilities are things like intimidate, trace, and sand stream. I thought asking this one question is better than asking several dozen of these questions.

Not sure about the rest but I do know rocks do their thing before sand stream. I tried this once and just sent my Tyranitar to its death. The terrain surges also happen after entry hazards. I watched that on youtube

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There are exactly two entrance abilities that broadcast before hazards are processed, and they're Unnerve and Neutralizing Gas. The reason for this is that if multiple Pokemon are brought in at the same time while hazards are up, hazard damage could lead to a Pokemon consuming its berry, and Unnerve needs to be in place soon enough to prevent that; meanwhile Neutralizing Gas has to be able to nullify abilities that would cause Pokemon to be immune to hazards, like Magic Guard or (in Sticky Web's case) Clear Body.

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Addendum: Now that the Crown Tundra introduces Calyrex and its fusions, because As One (in both variations) has Unnerve as one of its components, both As One abilities also broadcast before hazards.
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Ok, I’ll edit this later but I tested 6 of the abilities with Sticky Web, Toxic Spikes, Spikes, and Stealth Rocks up (as well as some other things like Sand Stream to activate Cloud Nine and HP Fighting to activate Anticipation) NebbyY helped me with this, putting together the entry hazards team. Here is the replay. As you can see, the entry hazards acted before all of the entry abilities. Again, I’ll edit this once I test out the other abilities. Here is the team I used.

Also, as I said in the answer to that question you linked, Misty Surge activates after Toxic Spikes, so I’m also going to assume the same for Electric Surge, Psychic Surge, and Grassy Surge.

Hope this helps! :)