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My serperior is sometimes getting outran by foes like druddigon, emboar, or bouffalant in which those are pokemon that my serperior typically outruns. In other words its speed is sometimes screwing.

It has a rash nature and often dozes off.

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then does he low speed ivs, evs, or speed reducing nature the opponent holding choice scarf? because other wise this could be a glitch

lemme clarify it all happened suddenly it was just fine and now it started to happen.
then yes a glitch
It has neutral speed nature, so, 207/0.9= 230, so the serperior's mininum speed is 230.
This means it can be outspeeded by emboar but not druddigon or bouffalant, which isn't holding a scarf or any boosts
maybe there was a trickroom, or you were paralyzed, or had a item that decreases speed, or used lower priority move