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A lot of people use dragons (especially beginners who dunno what nature and EV's IV's and such are), is this because their uber high stats?

PS: Do not vote me down because you like dragons, i know a lot of you do, Thank you.

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Darth got it down. Dragons have incredible movepools, getting access to tons of moves to cover tons of pokemon. Ghosts have pretty good movepools, but after seeing them enough, they become very predictable.

Dragons have very high base stats, most of them hitting 600. I think Gengar and Chandelure have the highest base stats for non legendary ghosts, at 500 and 520 respectively. Even if dragon types aren't super effective against others, their powerful stats make up for it. Some of them, like Dragonite and Shelgon, can be fairly bulky. So even if you have super effective moves, you still might not be able to get a kill on them easily. Yache berry also helps dragons abuse their weakness. With their sheer power, it can make for a difficult kill, especially if they carry dragon dance. You gotta fight fire with fire, or dragon with dragon in this case.

Dragons only have 2 weaknesses: dragon and ice. Ghost types have Ghost and dark for weaknesses. Both of them are weak to themselves, but remember that most ghost pokemon are very frail. With pokemon like Tyranitar and Sharpedo running around, a single crunch can shut most of them out, even the defensive based ones. Dragons aren't just for beginners, they're overused for a reason.

Ghosts have more frailty and less sheer power than dragons. If you like ghosts, then by all means, use them. There's no "best" type. The overuse of dragons works to your advantage. Ice beam is a really popular move mainly because of dragons. Because everyone uses them, you know their weaknesses and can have a counter ready. If Ghosts were the dominant type, then everyone would carry dark/ghost moves and have counters for them, lowering their effectiveness.

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Annoying, but powerful. A dark pulse coming off of Hydregion's special attack can put a dent even in Dusknoir. According to my damage calculations, Dusknoir would lose between 168 and 198 damage from a dark pulse, assuming Dusknoir had max Sp. Def and Hyd. had max special attack. That doesn't include an item either, which he's usually sure to have.

I understand how you feel about dragons, but there's no denying that they're powerful. Personally, I only like Dragonite and Flygon.
I don't deny they're powerful.
i also like flygon he's cool in the jirachi movie and stuff and Flygon also doesn't have uber base stat u know.
@WILL: an article with Ghost Vs Dragons(or dark)???
Awasome article WILL, I loved it!
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-Weaknesses and Imunitites

-There are not many dragons

-They are cool

-Ghosts are cool
-There are even fewer Ghosts
-weaknesses and imuneities
-There's more to a Pokemon than stats, if you can't win without 600+ total stat, then i dunno what to say!
Ghosts are very underused unless it comes one who is very good, good movepool and high stats like chandelure so this doesn't really explain it.
Maybe i'll have to wait for DT trachy WILL or someone i dunno
@Hex well, ghost have only 2 resistances while dragons have 4, plus poison and bug types aren't as common as fire, water, grass(not really), and electric.
The ghost pokemon with the highest only has a total of 525(Dusknoir). The dragon pokemon with the highest BST have 600(Dragonite, Salamence, Garchomp, and Hydreigon)
Ghosts also have 2 imunities (normal and fighting) wich is very common types plus 2 resistances (bug and poison) so i think the immunities make up for it.
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Well most dragon types are Ubers meaning most of which have 600 base stat which is darn good. They do have a pretty wide moveset with only two weaknesses for a pure dragon type which is not bad at all also like DD said many people think they are 'cool'

only pure dragons is dratini, dragonair, bagon, shelgon,haxorusCO and druddigon.
most of these (except maybe if something happens not shelgon) get finished of with a ice punch from ma boah DuskD.