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Hi i want to EV train some shinys i have but i really don't want to faint wild pokemon, i feel sorry for the wild pokemon eating berries and then get attacked and faint for example and i never faint wild pokemon.
so do i have to faint wild pokemon to EV train?
PS: don't vote me down and be like: yeah whatever get over it it's just a game!!

A question from my side . If you do not faint pokemon how do you level up ??
you feel sorry for computer images that attack you that is kind of pathetic
i don't faint wild pokemon, trainers isn't really the same thing

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You have to make them faint. But don't feel bad! they only faint! they'll wake up in a bit and attack u again later :D

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Yeah you do need to faint them. Sorry.

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you have to make them faint to get EV points

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To gain ev point opposing pokemon must faint. Sorry =/