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Is there an increased shiny odds method for SWSH like the other gens? Because you have the pokeradar in gen 4 and in X/Y, and then you have the dexnav in ORAS, you have chain fishing in gen 6, ultra wormholes in USUM, egg shiny substitution in gen 7 and other things in the other gens, is there a way to get them easier in SWSH that is similar to these shiny odds?

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As always, the Masuda Method is available. The highest odds you can get here are 1/512. But Sw/Sh also introduces a new method, where your shiny chances are increased every time you KO/catch the same Pokemon. There is a small chance for increased odds, the maximum chances can be achieved after KOing/catching 500 of the same species of Pokemon.

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The Crown Tundra introduced a new method of increased odds called Dynamax Adventures, which have 1/300 odds without the shiny charm and 1/100 with it. These are the highest possible shiny odds in Sword and Shield