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Weak as in maybe 60 BP max. I’m trying to HA SOS chain Bonsly in Ultra Sun, and I want to test them for Rattled. Since they’re pretty low level (like around level 15), preferably the Pokémon would learn these moves before level 20, maybe via TM. I just don’t want to knock it out. So yup, that’s it.


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Pokemon caught higher than the level listed can be taken to the Move Reminder.

Absol can learn Pursuit at Level 10.

Mawile can learn Bite at Level 12.

Smeargle can learn any move, so this would probably the best choice if you want a specific base power dark type move. It can also be caught at a low level.

Hope this helped!

Source: using /ds7 false swipe, all or /ds7 false swipe, dark, all

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Thank you! I’ll take my Mawile to the move reminder, since I already have it as a False Swipe user :)
While I won’t add a new answer, I’ll add some more Pokémon:

- Honedge (Island Scan) Learns Shadow Sneak at level 4
- Pinsir Learns Bug Bite at level 16
oh yeah, that works too

no problem!