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How long does it last? I thought that it doesn't reset to zero after gen v? My Excadrill remained asleep for three turns even tho I already switched it out and stayed out of the fight for three turns and somehow it was still asleep. I also switched it in to eat some moonblasts as well as to burn the sleep turns and it was still asleep. So, how does sleep in usum actually work?


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Generation VI onwards: Sleep now lasts 1-3 turns. A Pokémon's sleep counter no longer resets to its original amount when switched out.

--Bulbapedia on Sleep

You got unlucky and got the most number of turns possible, 3. Also the counter doesn't decrease while it is in party, i.e. not battling. You could switch it out and use another Pokemon for 30 turns and that wouldn't count. Is it possible you miscounted? It'd be unexplainable/ glitched if your Excadrill was asleep for 4 turns or more. 3 is within range.

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I didn't. I sent it out to eat a couple moonblasts and to scare away my opponent's fairy type, twice. I also had it eat an ice beam. After the ice beam, it was still asleep and it cost me the battle
I'm pretty sure the sleep counter drops only when you see the "<Pokemon> is fast asleep!" message. So if you switch it in, attempt to move once, and switch it out, that counts as one turn of sleep.
Really? Then that explains it since at one time, I switched it in on a wish to scare the fairy type away then switched out without trying to attack since I knew my opponent was gonna out a Charizard