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I know about bulky Pokemon like Chansey, and Stealth Rock setters but is there anything else I'm missing. I want to get better at singles and not run 6 offensive Pokemon. (this is for SWSH Battle Stadium Singles)

I'm pretty sure "support" is any Pokemon that can be useful without doing a lot of damage. For example, Mandibuzz can support its teammates using knock off or U-turn. You'll probably get a good answer if you ask here. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/smogon-simple-questions-suggestions-thread.3582200/

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Support Pokemons are those meant for helping the Main attack power of your Team. Like having moves like heal pulse (better to give a draining move to the attacker only),poisoning your enemy like that. And cancelling out your enemy's stat changes or preventing attacker's stat from falling by using mist when using moves like fleur cannon or overheat.

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Some poison users can defeat opponents by themselves without switching to an attacker.
Oh thanks! I thought walls and support were different things in singles. BTW, Heal Pulse heals your opponent.
They are different. A Pokemon can be a wall, support, or both, depending on its stats and moves.