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Base Power doesn't get affected by STAB. But if you take it literally, yeah, the final damage would be 315.

Facade Base Power: 70
STAB Bonus : x 1.5
Guts Bonus : x 1.5
Facade's power would double itself if inflicted by status

So, the final power would be:

70 x 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 = 315.

But as Fizz said, Damage Calculation doesn't work precisely this way. This is just an estimation. Stab Bonus doesn't affect the power but the effect is basically the same. Also other modifiers affect this. So, excluding STAB,

70 x 1.5 x 2 = 210

Hope this helps :)

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Thanks a lot this does indeed help
if it does, then you should probably click the green tick mark to select BA.
I'll select this, but also quickly mention that damage calculation doesn't work precisely this way. Boosts like STAB aren't applied directly to base power, but the effect is basically the same.
Yeah. Literally this would be the power. But if you want me to mention in the other way, I would surely do.
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Yes, stab makes the damage 315.

Formula: Total Damage x 0,5 = Stab Bonus (105)
Stab Bonus (105) + 210 (Total Damage) = 315